Query Source Code with Tree-sitter

TreeQuery is a new command-line tool for querying source code with Tree-sitter

Tree-sitter is a really cool project. It’s primarily designed for code syntax-highlighting use cases (in editors and IDEs), but it also exposes a Query API for selecting portions of a parsed syntax tree, using an S-Expression based query syntax.

TreeQuery is a new CLI that makes it easier to run Tree-sitter queries against local source code files. It installs as tq and looks something like this:

> tq -q some_file.go "(function_declaration name: (identifier) @method_name)"


(prints out all the function names in a go file).

I think this is pretty cool. We’re still exploring use-cases and getting a feel for what’s possible to query, go ahead and give it a try! It’s still rough around the edges and more language support will be added soon. See the open issues for a sense of the roadmap.

It will soon be integrated into askgit.

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